8 Simple Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can indicate various conditions, so the treatment itself depends on the underlying cause.

Knee pain after an injury

Possible Causes:                                              Symptoms:

Dislocated kneecap                                         Kneecap changes its shape

Sprains and strains                                          Pain after overusing or twisting

Tendonitis                                                       Pain between the kneecap and the shin

Cartilage damage                                            Inability to straighten

Knee pain with no obvious injury

Possible Causes:                                             Symptoms:

Gout                                                                Sudden attacks of pain

Osteoarthritis                                                  Mild swelling and pain in both knees

Bursitis                                                            Warm and red knee/ inability to bend

Bleeding in the joint                                        Swelling, warmth and bruising

As mentioned in the very beginning, the treatment depends on the underlying cause.  However, there are certain tips on how to relieve knee pain which help regain pain-free movement regardless of the cause.  The 8 exercises below are taken from Robin McKenzie, a New Zealand born Physiotherapist, whose regimen works wonders for knee pain!

Exercise 1:  Active Knee Extension in Sitting

Begin by sitting in a chair with the feet flat on the ground.  Raise the foot of your affected knee and straighten the leg until you feel a contraction in the thighs.  Hold for two seconds and go back to the original position.  Repeat ten times.

Exercise 2:  Knee Extension in Sitting

Sit in a char and put the heel of the affected knee or a chair of similar height with the knee.  With a relaxed knee, straighten the leg, hold for two seconds, and go back to the original position. Repeat ten times.

Put both hands above the knee. Push down, straighten the knees with your hands and hold for two seconds. Repeat ten times.

Exercise 3:  Knee Extension in Standing*

Stand and put the heel of the affected knee on the floor or on a low step. Reach forward with the hands and put them above the knee.

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Push down and straighten the knees with the hands until you feel the knee stretch. Again, hold for two seconds and go back to the original position.  Repeat ten times.

Exercise 4:  Knee Flexion in Sitting

Start by sitting. Bend the knee and pull the leg towards the chest with the both hands put above the ankle.  Pull the heel towards the buttocks and hold for two seconds.  Go back to the original position and repeat ten times.

Exercise 5:  Knee Flexion in Standing

Stand and put the heel of the affected knee on a stool.  Hold on the chair for balance, if needed. Lean forward and push the buttocks towards the heel. Hold for two seconds and repeat ten times.

Note:  If you find this exercise uncomfortable, feel free to place a rolled up towel behind the knee.

Exercise 6:  Knee Flexion in Kneeling

Kneel on all fours with a cushion under the knees for additional support. Knee back on the heels with the hands on the floor or until you feel a stretch in the knees.  Hold for two seconds and repeat six to ten times.

Repeat the stretch, this time with raising the hands off the floor and sitting on the heels.

Exercise 7:  Knee Strengthening in Standing, Chair Squat Holding Door Knob

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and a chair placed behind you and an open door in front of you in order to hold onto the door knobs. Sit back until you feel the stretch and repeat ten times, two times daily.

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Exercise 8:  Knee Strengthening in Standing, One-Legged Knee Bend

Stand on the affected leg along the edge of a step. Bend the leg, so that the pain-free leg is lowered.  Keep the center of the knee pointing forward and hold for two seconds.  Repeat ten times, two times daily.




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