Inhale Deeply, Then Yawn. That Rumbling Sound You Hear Has A Pretty Fascinating Purpose

Every single day, our bodies perform thousands of activities, most of which we don’t even notice. They are all done for the purpose of keeping us alive and functioning. With every single step we take and motions we make, our body mechanism is working to keep us going. Sure, we probably do not pay attention to most of these activities, but every once in a while, it can be pretty fascinating to understand how and why our bodies do some specific things.

For instance, take a second and yawn deeply, or shut your eyes really tightly. Do you hear that rumbling sound?

Well, let’s explore what’s really going on, shall we?

The sound you hear is made by what is referred to as the tensor tympani muscle in your ears. Its main duty is to drown the sounds you produce when you chew. This makes sense as we can imagine how annoying it will be to hear the actual grinding and movements of our teeth and jaws while we chew.

You can voluntarily contract these muscles when you do a few things, like yawning, clenching your jaws, or shutting your eyes really tight. It’s the sound of this contraction that you hear.

The good news is that flexing this muscle or tensing your jaw does not have any negative consequence, no matter how long or how hard you do it. Moreover, it turns out that this contraction sound is louder in some people than in others.

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