Kielbasa Lazy Pierogi Recipe

I’m sure a lot of you have had lazy pierogi. This is more of a Lazy Pierogi with Kielbasa. I took my mothers recipe years ago, and added my own spin on it. I have been making it this way for the last 35 years. My dish has been brought to many potluck dinners. It has even been served as a side dish at BBQ’s. I have had many compliments on it. The recipe has been given to many friends through the years per requests. It is delicious comfort food. . I hope you all enjoy my version.

Note: I like my sauerkraut to have mild flavor. If you like your sauerkraut to be strong. You do not have to soak it in the brown sugar and water. You can skip that step. My family likes very mild sauerkraut. Just make sure. that you rinse and drain it well before you use it


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