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    Lose 17 – 22 Pounds In 3 Weeks With Oranges!

    First week Eat one orange every 3 hours (2 pounds per day). Therefore you will need to eat two boiled eggs and drink 2 liters of water. Be patient, the remaining two weeks will be more humane than the first. Second week Continue to eat 2 pounds of oranges a day, and to drink 2 liters of […] More

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    Use Cashews To Treat Your Depression Without Medication

    Feeling depressed? Have some cashews! Recent studies have shown that a handful of nuts a day can help you maintain your physical health and reduce your risk of many medical issues. But there’s a reason we have the saying “A sound mind in a sound body” and studies increasingly suggest that mental health issues, such […] More

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    Learn How to Avoid Buying Fake Salt Ever Again!

    But wait, isn’t all salt technically from the sea? Then what makes this specific ‘sea salt’ so special? The real answer? Not a single thing. We might think we are doing ourselves a favor by buying this special healthier version, but the truth is in favor of the commercialism. But hold on, that by no […] More

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    16 Ways to Reduce your Blood Sugar without Medication

    It has been estimated that about 30% of all Americans fight with diabetes at the moment, so this concerning fact should convince you to learn all about preventing it and regulate sugar levels on time, in order to prevent serious system damage. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to restore and maintain the balance in […] More

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    5 Exercises to Undo the Spinal Damage Caused by Sitting


    Why Sitting All Day Actually Really Matters Sitting all day comes with a set of health issues, from stiffness to debilitating back pain. As time passes by, this pain can impact your ability to exercise, run, and play sports.  In addition to this, prolonged sitting is associated with a higher risk of various health conditions, […] More

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    8 Simple Exercises for Knee Pain Relief


    Knee pain after an injury Possible Causes:                                              Symptoms: Dislocated kneecap                                         Kneecap changes its shape Sprains and strains                                          Pain after overusing or twisting Tendonitis                                                       Pain between the kneecap and the shin Cartilage damage                                            Inability to straighten Knee pain with no obvious injury Possible Causes:                                             Symptoms: Gout                                                                Sudden attacks of pain Osteoarthritis                                                  Mild swelling and pain in […] More

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    Perhaps most importantly, reducing your intake of high glycemic foods (think sugary cereals, rolls, desserts or sweetened drinks) can definitely open up more room in your diet for the types of foods you really need in order to get all of the essential nutrients you require. Choosing unprocessed foods that have a low glycemic load […] More

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    You’ve Been Cleaning Your Oven Wrong All This Time

    If you’re struggling to get your oven clean with spray cleaners or good old soap and water, we’re here to tell you that there is a better way! After struggling to find a cleaning solution that works, you will be absolutely shocked by how effective this Newsner method is. All it involves is two simple […] More

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    10 Inexpensive Ways to Clean and Polish Stainless Steel Appliances

    Commercial Stainless Steel Cleaners Because stainless steel is darn special, it has it’s very own type of cleaner! Although these commercial options tend to be more expensive, they’re very efficient in getting everything from stains to scratches out of your stainless steel surface. Make sure you read the instructions before using the cleaner and then […] More

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